First Flight 7/19/03
We built a VAN'S AIRCRAFT total performance RV6A Kit Plane. The following pages show the assembly of our aircraft from start to finish with a photo journal and log of the entire project.
We ordered our RV6A Quick Build Kit in August, 2001.  The empannage assembly package was recieved the last week of August and the fuselage, wings and engine package arrives the first week of September, 2001. Our official start date was August 18th, 2001

We are building this airplane and will fly it at the Aero Club at the Landings.

Jim Headberg         Owner/Builder
Bob Wooley    Test Pilot
Dennis Headberg     Builder/Pilot
Brent Headberg       Builder/Web Page & Photos

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Quick Build Kit Arrives 9/10/01
180 HP
Unloading at local hanger
Our RV6A flew for the first time on Saturday, July 19th, 2003.  First flight photos are posted on the Flight Pics button above.
First Flight 7/19/03
First Flight 7/19/03